December 03, 2005

Read, Enjoy, Join in

Picture of Colin Welcome to the blog that helps you to create the future of healthcare. I hope you enjoy the content, but most of all I hope you will click on the "Comments" link and contribute to the community with your ideas and opinions.

I am Colin Jervis and I help healthcare and other parts of the public sector in the UK to gain maximum value from their investments in IT. As well as having worked in Marketing and Management Consultancy in the private sector, I led from inception two major Electronic Patient Record (EPR) programmes in the UK National Health Service (NHS). Maybe that accounts for the loss of hair!

My first EPR programme began in 1991 at St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington (where Sir Alexander Fleming discovered the bacteriocidal qualities of the penicillium mould) in the days when the idea of a multidisciplinary patient-record in the NHS was about as attractive to most healthcare workers as a pile of mouldy Petri dishes. How things have changed! I revisited the hospital recently more than 10 years after I had left and found much of the infrastructure we had installed was still playing a valuable role.

I led a second programme at the Royal Berkshire and Battle Hospitals in Reading, UK as part of a major change and rebuilding programme. The ideas coming out of it were used by the developing National Programme for IT (NPfIT)--now part of NHS Connecting for Health reputedly the world's biggest IT project.

Since then I have also led as an interim director an EPR implementation at one of the UK largest Foundation Trusts and advised international suppliers on healthcare matters and healthcare IT. I regulary publish articles and am often invited to speak at, or chair, conferences and seminars. I have a BSc in Biochemistry, a MBA and a Masters Degree in Business Systems Analysis and Design.

On a personal note, I have been a fan of 70s progressive rock band "Yes" for, well a long time. A few years ago I met them in HMV on Oxford Street in London, and I confess there was a lump in my throat as the band members signed my book. You can find out more about these rock legends on the "Yesworld" site.

I will spare you my musings on Yes's music, however, I will indulge my fascination for gadgets, technology and innovation in healthcare in this blog. I am looking forward to giving my creative and fanciful streak a bit more latitude than I feel able to on the Kinetic Consulting website which will tell you about my work in healthcare and public sector consulting.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and—most of all—I hope you join in with your comments!

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