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May 10, 2013

Stop Saving the NHS: new book

Stop Saving the NHS cover (small).jpgWell I have done it. My book Stop Saving the NHS and Start Reinventing it has been published in Kindle and paperback. It's aimed at NHS leaders and managers, but will probably interest anyone who is interested in the shape of 21st century healthcare.

It has already garnered some nice reviews, including from the influential Chief Executive of University College London Hospital, Sir Robert Naylor: An aging population, increased chronic illness and unprecedented demands for greater efficiency mean the NHS is facing its greatest challenge. To tackle it, Colin proposes a new model for healthcare based on the increased integration of information technology. This is an engaging and challenging book that all NHS and healthcare leaders and planners should read.

It includes the stuff which interests me like healthcare, man and machine, science fiction, and the need to tether new health business models to the implementation of large-scale IT systems. This last point is the key to the whole book, which includes chapters on:

  • Genomics and Medicine as an information science
  • Social media
  • Expert systems and artificial intelligence
  • Remote care
  • Remote monitoring
  • Robotics
  • Uneasy past of the NHS and IT

It begins with a chapter called The Machine Stops that uses EM Forster's short story as an analogy to the UK NHS. Older, fatter, sicker patients and increased expectations mean the NHS is facing its greatest challenge. And this is no call of 'wolf'. This time it is true.

Any who doubt should look at recent reports; for example: reports on the state of NHS emergency care. A wave of elderly and chronically ill patients is building in the community and the British care system is not geared up to stem it.

All over the world the machine is stopping and we must do something now

Buy Stop Saving the NHS and Start Reinventing it on Amazon now.