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May 30, 2012

Smart Phone

Wakes me in the morning, and I choose not to snooze. Check my emails at breakfast (quicker than firing up the laptop). Weather fine today, but cooling in the week--which is OK because the London Underground has a good service on all lines.

Check the news and tweets sitting on the Central line. Find the client’s office with GPS. Call my Mother on the way.

In Starbucks before next meeting and quick notes typed in. Read chapter of Hunger Games using the Kindle application (not great literature but engaging). Tackle a couple of chess puzzles. Get them right: brain clear this morning—always a sign. Check my notes on Evernote. Take a photo of an article in the free Metro so I can look at it later.

Life is a succession of choices, and this helps you to make them. Smart these phones.

May 22, 2012


I make my offering at the altar, pay the priest and nod at the high priestess as I leave the temple of Apple on Regents Street. I still have ten minutes to make it.

Taking the straightest route along Oxford Street I notice them now the sun is (at last) shining. Bowing to the omnipresent god of wireless on their handsets. Heads down changing their music, checking the route, calling a companion. Walking in a half world of real and representation. Glancing anxiously ahead to avoid collisions with the shoppers and tourists.

Turning down South Molton Street, I dodge a woman wearing Bose lids jabbing at her phone sending a text. I am going to be a few minutes late.

In the Matrix Morpheus welcomes Neo after he swallows the red pill with: ‘Welcome to the desert of the real’. But I see my friend outside Starbucks from 300 yards. Haven’t seen her for four years, but she stands out, tall and well-dressed.

We buy our cappuccinos and sit down to chat. She is now working in merchant banking. Her phone rings…

We live in a wireless world that is fully integrated into our lives. It's a technology whose time has come.