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Robots in Healthcare

'Bots are back. It's a while since I wrote about them--for example, see here for a collection of musings--and in the interim they seem to be moving into the mainstream.

BBC Radio 4 has a series: Robots that Care. The first episode poses an interesting question: if robots are to live with us, are they pets, slaves or companions? It includes interviews with Rodney Brookes a robot luminary.

With aging populations in many countries, particularly in Japan, robots are seen as a means of filling the care gap. Panasonic is set to introduce three new robots at the 38th Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition: a communication robot, a hair washing robot and a robotic bed.


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We might find that we consider these robots to be more than slaves, since they are caring for us, we appreciate that. Especially a robot which communicates effectively. Thanks for sharing!

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