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Is That it Then?

The NHS National Programme for IT (NPfIT) seems to have come to an anomalous end. No-one seems to be clear about what is happening to it. The most likely scenario is that the contracts for the local service providers will be allowed to run their term, because it will be too costly for the NHS to exit. This will leave large sums of money tied up--money that could be invested by NHS organisations to procure information systems to help them to realise the £20bn of economies expected of them. But that isn't the worst outcome.

Worse is that a new generation of ICT manager and Directors have spent the last 9 years in meetings watching Gantt charts slide to the right as NPfIT deliverables were continually rescheduled. Existing ICT systems became obsolete; strategic and procurement skills grew weaker, because the world's biggest IT programme would take care of everything.

The NHS will now have to learn all of the old skills again from those left who still remember.


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Classic NHS really, I read a while ago that they implemented a blood monitoring system during surgery that rediced patient stays by about 80% and would save the NHS hundreds of millions per year... But this system had been available for nearly 20 years! Thanks for the great little post.

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