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Bearing Up

I’m still riding high from the Yes concert tonight. I confess, after a day’s work, after getting up at tweet-tweet time to catch a train, I went wearily to Birmingham Symphony Hall to join the other fans. But after the first chords of “Siberian Khatru” (No I won’t. Look the meaning up yourself.) I was reinvigorated.

I sat bang in the centre of the front row, so I noted the veteran band members are looking a bit older these days (unlike me who hasn’t aged a day) but their fingers still fly nimbly over those arpeggios and scales. A night to remember!

I have a fascination for robots, probably stemming from trying to make one as a child from a shoebox, flashlight bulbs and odd bits and pieces from my Father’s workshop, So perhaps it’s not surprising I spotted an article in the BBC’s Focus magazine which made me hope when I do age a few days, I may even have one as a carer.

The Japanese are way ahead in the field of robotics, fortunate since they are short of nurses and have the most rapidly aging population in the world. Perhaps supporting a phenomenon named uncanny valley Japanese researchers found people warier of human-like robots. Robo bears are their solution. Cute…or what??


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