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Robots: the marrying kind?

At a recent conference a woman studying Health Informatics in London told me she'd seen this blog: "Oh yes, its about robots, isn't it?" Which probably means I have to make my intention clearer. Nonetheless, I can't deny a passion for them since reading about them as a child in old copies of the Eagle Annual I bought at a church jumble sale. So, at the risk of missing my intention, here are a couple of articles I spotted.

Professor Rodney Brooks talked about domestic and military robots in his RSI lecture for the British Computer Society. Prof. Brooks reckons that we are at the beginning of an exponential growth in the use of robots, partly driven by an aging Western population and our likely need for replacement body parts.

I also remember as a child reading a satirical SF book which somehow remains in my mind called Bill the Galactic Hero. Bill becomes a hapless hero when he accidentally destroys a Chinger command ship in a space battle. The Chingers are vilified by the humans who post questions on the decks of their space vessels like: "Would you let your sister marry one?" But another robot article I spotted in London's Metro might cause you to ask: "Would I be married by one?"

"Yes" is the answer of robot designer Seok Gyeong-Jae. Tiro the robot recently officiated at his wedding in South Korea.


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