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Old bicycle.Though I had Salvador Dalí posters plastered to my bedroom walls at University, my passion for his work cooled. However a visit to the Dalí & Film exhibition at London's Tate Modern has warmed it again.

I was particularly engaged by Destino a short film sketched out by Dalí and Disney in 1946 and only completed in 2003 after both of them had died. It's a blend of Dalí and Disney clichés: ants that morph into Sisyphean cyclists carrying rocks on their heads and two chiseled lovers separated by walls are reconnected by flocks of birds.

With his friend Luis Buñuel, Dalí also created the visceral and influential surrealist film Un Chien Andalou. The film's weird(est) actor resembles Buster Keaton, perhaps not surprisingly because Dalí and Buñuel loved the silent comedies.

Keaton also made Electric House about the havoc wreaked when modern technology is installed in an old house...(!)


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