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Bots Save Money and Get You Home

health-it-rp-robot.JPGA hospital is to cut heart surgery waiting times with robot surgeons reports the Daily Telegraph. British doctors are pioneering the use of a robotic arm to carry out a life-saving heart procedure. Cardiologists at St Mary's Hospital in London are using the technology to navigate inside the heart when treating patients for a fast or irregular heartbeat. Dr Wyn Davies, consultant cardiologist, said: "With further development, this robot will enable complex procedures to be carried out almost automatically, increasing the opportunities to treat more patients and ultimately reducing clinical risk."

A study conducted at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons found that robotic telerounding as a supplement to standard post-operative visits may reduce the length of stay of patients undergoing laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery.

On the first post-operative day 77 percent of patients in the group using robotic rounds were discharged compared with none in the group using exclusively bedside rounds. The mean length of stay was reduced from 2.33 days for the group assessed exclusively by bedside rounds to 1.26 days for the group assessed by robotic telerounding. Consequent early discharge from 54 beds created 71 patient-days of additional capacity, representing a total financial benefit of more than $200K.


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