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Past and Future

dinosaur.jpgWatching BBC's The Apprentice yesterday was like witnessing a flock of newborn mammals being ambushed by a pack of corporate dinosaurs. Fortunately, "alpha female" Katie dented the onslaught by telling Sir Alan Sugar what he could do with his job. Enough of Jurassic age recruitment techniques.

Health IT conferences in the UK are in a period of evolution. Attendances have fallen, probably not helped by the troubled and uncertain progress of NPfIT. I attended the Smart Heatlhcare 2007 exhibition yesterday. It was a large conference with exhibitors ranging from furniture and office equipment to IT and telecomms suppliers; though I am not sure the mix of suppliers and attendees was entirely felicitous.

I also attended talks by BT's Patrick O'Connell and Connecting for Health's Richard Granger. Mr. O'Connell told us the differences between projects, programmes and large programmes and Mr. Granger seemed in fine fettle as he summarised the achievements of the National Programme for IT. He even had a sideswipe at his old sparring partners the GPs, by suggesting a difference in their enthusiasm for the Choose and Book system, which supports patient choice, and the Quality Management and Analysis System, which supports their income.


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