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Long Term Care Demonstrators

Hand holding a walking cane.That will teach me to ask rhetorical questions at the end of posts.

In a previous post on management of chronic conditions I asked where remote monitoring appeared in the vision for the NHS and in its NPfIT. The DoH has announced its intention to fund up to three Whole System Long Term Care Demonstrators covering a population of one million. The pilots will run for up to two years.

It will be interesting to see how the pilots are organised and their technical solutions. The DoH wants the NHS and Local Authorities to partner. The workings of such partnerships--which could include contributions from the primary and acute care in the NHS as well as the private, voluntary, charitable and private sectors--will be key to their succeess. And where will organisations like NHS Direct fit in, I wonder? All in all, we should gain insight into the structure of future healthcare and the technical, human and organisational dynamics needed to support it.

Partnerships will be able to draw upon offerings from 15 suppliers from a pre-competed Telecare National Framework Agreement.


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