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Healthcare on Wireless Waves

Toumaz device being used.My previous post discussed the reality of remote health monitoring. I noted the high compliance of study participants monitored using large arrays of stick-on sensors. Such discomfort may now be unnecessary.

Toumaz Technologies has developed new, small, low power, wireless sensors that can be attached to the body with sticking plasters. These devices enable non-intrusive, continuous monitoring and analysis of ECG, temperature and at least one other vital sign, such as respiration or activity level. Vital signs are transmitted to a PDA or mobile phone and monitored with software that includes an arrhythmia detection algorithm for real-time monitoring of ECG.

You may also be interested in an article I wrote for an IT innovation magazine about real-time remote health monitoring (well, everyone likes to back a winner sometime) though I was thinking of a wristband.

Visit the Toumaz site for more on their device.


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