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Robot Surgery for Prostatectomies

Picture of RP7 in action.For some procedures robotic surgery is less invasive than open surgery. Its use in prostatectomies, for example, may result in less pain, less bleeding and a quicker recovery. A surgical robot's lenses may also give surgeons a 3D view deep into incisions making it easier to avoid damaging the ureter and the complex of nerves.

But easier viewing isn't the only factor in favour of robotics. Canada is particularly interested in robot surgery because of its vast size and many rural communities. Read the full article.

If you live near London, UK, you may be interested in attending a talk on the use of robots in medicine at a meeting of the British Computer Society's London and South East Healthcare SIG on 21st September 2006. I will be co-presenting with Parv Sains, Clinical Research Fellow and Specialist Registrar at Imperial College, St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington who will discuss his clinical experience of In Touch Technologies Inc's RP7 remote presence robot (pictured).


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