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Commanding Voice: combining telephony and wireless

vocera.jpgNow I am a sucker for a cute gadget, especially one finished in black and silver that combines telephony and wireless. No surprise then that I spotted the Vocera badge on Telindus' stand at HC 2006. Vocera's system combines software with the badge to integrate PBX, pager, cellphone and push to talk.

The badge packs a radio, speaker and microphone and uses voice activation commands—like “crash team” or “Gina”—to connect you to the right section or person. The software integrates the different technologies and manages security by voiceprint.

By promoting improved communications and making an organisation more responsive, Vocera seems to offer plenty of benefit, while at the same time being unobtrusive and easy to integrate with normal hospital, ambulance or clinic operations.

A good example of a well-devised device integrating care with IT.


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Vocera is a classic example on layering multiple value added applications onto a wireless network increasing the return on investment.

The issue with deploying voice over wireless is ensuring effective coverage.

What we have seen through our deployments within the heakthcare environment is the drivers are enhanced efficiency, for example, not wasting hours per week searching a ward for medicine cabinet keys.

Measuring the return on investment is a key part to implementing the Vocera Communication System.

Nursing and Unit Secretary time savings is substantial and is proved at ST. Agnes Hospital, providing a real financial reward!

Click on this link to view a full case study-http://www.wwsolutions.co.uk/case_study_detail.php?case_study_id=17.

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