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Help on Debate Requested

I taking part in a debate at the Health Care 2006 (HC 2006) conference in Harrogate, UK on 21 March 2006. The motion is:

“This house believes that real innovation using ICT in healthcare delivery is driven by clinicians rather than informaticians.”

I am speaking against the motion. If anyone has any ideas, arguments, interesting or amusing anecdotes for me to use, I would be pleased to read them.


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I would argue against this statement on a number of points. The first is that I believe the real innovation will be driven by patients, not clinicians. Patients will benefit from many of the innovations and many startups I see in the US are former patients or family members that build an IT service out of their health care experiences. The other is that clinicians dont know IT. Out of my class of 200, 0 had IT background. How can you innovate if you dont know how to use the tools? The final one is that medicine is grounded in tradition. We still teach many hours of tapping out a liver edge and no time on how to use the portable ultrasound, despite the mountains of evidence that large parts of the physical exam are useless. Good luck on the debate, let me know if it will be posted online!


Thanks for your comment. I will try to incorporate some of your ideas into my speech.

One of the British Computer Society's SIGs is sponsoring the debate and they usually post a report afterwards. In addition, I shall try to keep some notes (unless it all gets too exciting) and post them here.

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