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Computer Input by Thought

After my tirade against the computer keyboard, I had it in mind to write about other computer input devices. However, in the case of the tablet PC, Dr. Bill Crounse has already done a good job on the Healthblog here. Nonetheless, there is still some scope left.

So let's begin at the top: what about input by thought? In Scientific American Mind: Train Your Brain mental exercises with neurofeedback may ease the symptoms of attention-deficit disorder and epilepsy. A child manipulates a computer-generated jet by increasing the potential of certain brain waves.

Another SciAm article Thinking Out Loud describes how patients unable to speak or gesture can communicate by controlling a cursor through a brain-computer interface by manipulating their brain waves.

From rattling the plastics to racking our brains?


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I was at a Connecting for Health event; speaker said that they're looking at procuring an input device for NHS - like a tablet but cleanable etc. Don't know if this will ever see light of day.

Would be good to hear what your vision of medical practice is for 20 years from now... wearable computers, devices networked across the skin, RFID automatic logon, head up display from investigative stuff???

I've always thought this was a good idea. How nice would it be to just think that you want to change the TV channel and it would change it for you?

My concern is when you and your wife both think that you want to change the channel and she thinks after you and so you end up watching TLC.

Let's not even start to mention other thoughts that might trigger strange reactions.

Makes me thing of those keyboarding gadgets that fit on your hands and it detects your movements and inputs text without having a keyboard(you have to be a touch typist.) But you do have to have a special switch for scratching your nose.


Before you plug your thoughts into a computer please make sure they are virus free.

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