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Robot wards

asimo-tray.jpgBefore Christmas I went for lunch in London with my wife and my father and mother in law. We were looking at some ideas for designs that will soon adorn this blog. As a consquence, my mother in law said that if she were having surgery she would prefer it to be carried out with robotic precision.

In a recent article published on the E-Health-Insider website I present a straw man that robots will be better than humans at caring:

“Humans compare unfavourably with robots, tiring easily, taking longer to train, needing special fuel, being expensive to maintain, becoming easily bored by repetitive tasks—and—you just can not get the spare parts for them.”
As Alasdair asked in a comment to a previous article: even if machines can care, should we let them? I think that machines will free clinicians and carers from the heavy, boring and repetitive tasks; but they can never give patients what we can--our humanity.

Read “Robot Revolution” on the E-Health-Insider site.

Image: Honda Motor Europe.


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