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Robots in healthcare: new version of ASIMO

robots-healthcare2.jpgThis month, Honda has unveiled its new, 1.3m tall version of ASIMO (advanced step in innovative mobility) one of the worlds most advanced bipedal robots.

ASIMO has been enhanced with a new selection of sensors--the key to future robot development. Using its visual, ultrasonic and floor sensors it recognises its environment, and steps out with the aid of its eye camera. Using wrist kinaesthetic sensors, it gives and takes objects.

New ASIMO displays a greater ability to work harmoniously with humans. It can walk while holding a hand and carry objects using a trolley or cart.

It has also doubled its running speed to 6km/hr with both feet off the ground during the gliding phase. For that it balances centrifugal force by tilting its centre of gravity.

"ASIMO has been created as a new form of mobility. In the long term, it should allow you to execute a task without having to move yourself," explains William de Braekeleer of Honda Motor Europe Ltd. "We see ASIMO as an aid to the nurse, taking care of the heavy aspects of their tasks, allowing them to spend more time with the patient."

Now ASIMO is capable of more grunt work, Honda says that future development will concentrate on its intelligence to enable it to make judgements in various situations.

Pictures of ASIMO by kind permission of Honda Motor Europe Ltd


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