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Robot dog reduces stress

aibo.jpgNow, it has been known for some time that having a pet can improve your health. But what having about a robodog?

A study by the US Department of Health concluded that pets increased the survival rate of heart attack victims. The study revealed that 28% of heart patients with pets survived serious heart attacks, compared to only 6% of heart patients without pets.

Owning a pet it seems can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In the US a study of elderly patients showed that those with pets sought the services of their doctor less frequently. This seems to be supported by another study in nursing homes that showed an animal companion reduced significantly the use of prescription drugs.

But pets are not welcome everywhere: enter robodog.

A recent study at the University of Missouri-Columbia,
found levels of the stress hormone cortisol dropped among adults who petted Sony's robodog AIBO. AIBO responds when stroked, chases a ball and perks up when it hears a familiar voice.

Unfortunately, unlike the real thing, AIBO did not prompt an increase in feel good chemicals like oxytocin and endorphins.

In the dog house or paws for thought?


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